The Nemeton is not an Order or Group; maybe one day it will be an order housing the different Recon Druids of the many Celtic realms, but for now, The Nemeton is a resource filled will knowledge to help Guide oneself. To help one to understand the many layers of the Druids, Ovates, and Bards within Recon and Contemporary understanding.

This Site is still being worked on.

What is Druidry ?

Druids were the scholarly elite of their time. They used their knowledge and skills to serve their communities and help them prosper. In a modern sense, the Druid path is a path of service to your community. Being a Druid, one provides important services to the people; teaching lore, officiating ritual, and being a good listener as a counselor. These services are a vital part of a healthy Celtic polytheist community.
Donald Ervin

For me, Druidry is about connection and living in right relationship with the world around us. That includes all the people, plants, animals, and the world – natural and created – that we live in. It’s about trying to be a good guest and a good host in all parts of our lives. In our homes, on the bus, on the street, in the metro, in the store, out in nature. It’s about recognizing the world we live in – its benefits and its shortcomings – and being the best us that we can be.

Being a Druid requires a desire to serve. Serving community, Serving the Gods and Serving the planet. They are the teachers and the officiants of the community. They provide a service for the people and are of service to the people.
Branos Carnutodruidon